November 15, 2012

16 Nov

Today we concluded the distribution days at OWH.  We were all a little sad that it is over.  We had a great time this week with the kids and families that came down from the mountain villages.  Today was especially exciting!  James (the missionary with OWH) came down with a stomach bug this morning.  James was able to get some rest at home and we were happy to help out.  Don told the Bible story in Spanish, our family sang (Ha! That was probably NOT the highlight of the day for anyone listening!) and we played some games.  

I have affectionately been called a cruise director by many and today was a perfect opportunity to lead a group of people in a loud rendition of “Hallejuh, Hallejuh…Gloria a Dios!”   If any of you know my dad, Glenn, you would recognize waving arms, a loud voice and absolutely no intelligable Spanish being spoken.  At least it was entertaining!  

This week we also had the opportunity to visit one of the mountain villages that many of the kids in OWH are sponsored.  It was neat to see a small village tucked into a mountainside.  It is interesting to hear the kids view of these simple homes with dirt floors.  From Eva, “They are so lucky!  They have papaya,, mango, banana, lime, lemon, oranges, and avocado trees growing in their front yard.  It is like the Garden of Eden!”  Granted Eva likes food, but to hear her simplicity in seeing all that they have   has made us aware of how OWH is helping to implement better growing and watering methods so the local villages can have enough food.  

We also visited the clinic where children in “code red” are taken.  “Code red” is extreme starvation.  The child most often is admitted for 30 days to be given IV fluids and a balanced, nutritional diet, and brought back to a point of health before being sent home.  There were currently 3 bright and happy little ones being cared for at the clinic.  The clinic has the ability to care for up to 25 children at a time.  During the dry season, when crops are not plentiful, they see most cases of serious malnutrition and Imagestarvation.  

Today our family took a beautiful hike up into a river gorge.  It was a great time to debrief from the distribution days and to see more of this beautiful country.  

Each day is bringing a new adventure!  

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