November 16, 2012

17 Nov

The Williams Family versus the volcano…we conquered it!  Today we hiked to the top of the Ipala volcano.  It was a great hike with magnificent views.  At the top is a crater lake and a rain forest around the lake.  It was a great chance to explore the rain forest and Don and Isaiah took a swim in the lake.  

As we hiked we were able to talk more about what we have seen and experienced on this trip. Each of the kids can see the poverty, but they each also mention the kindness of the Guatemalan people.  Isaiah remarked that “With enough food, they seem pretty happy.  Why would we think we wanted to make them like Americans?  Americans wouldn’t be content with just enough food to eat.” We talked about what can help people in a 3rd world country .  Basically we know they need Jesus.  Jesus will offer the hope, peace, joy and forgiveness that every person needs. 

We will let others decide how to help the poverty, we will just  shine the light of Jesus.  🙂

On another note…if you have seen some of the pictures of Lille and Eva painting fingernails then you will see the mass of children surrounding them.  The girls have touched each of these little girl’s hands while doing nailpolish or tatoos.  It has been a GREAT activity but there is not enough hand sanitizer in the world to clear away all the germs.  Both Lille and Eva have gotten a bug in their bellys .  Please pray that it goes away quickly and does not affect any of our other plans.



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