November 18, 2012

23 Nov

Are you ready for some Futbol?!?  Sunday is a day of futbol in Guatemala.  We were able to go to a local stadium and watch James’ team play soccer.  It was great to see the local folks all come out for the game.  Isaiah was able to see that “crazy soccer mom” transcends all borders, languages, and countries.  I fit in just fine as I cheered on the home team.  

Isaiah and Lille’s soccer teams and club team in Madison (MYSC) donated a bunch of soccer gear for our trip.  We were able to fill a large duffle bag with 50 lbs of cleats, t-shirts and soccer balls to distribute in Guatemala.

James and Joy connected us with Jose.  Jose is a former player for the professional team Zacapa here in Guatemala.  Jose now is a pastor of a church plant in one of the mountain villages.  He lives in a modest house in the town of Camotan and has a small turf field in the back that he rents out.  We were invited to their home  with other guys from area churches that get together to play soccer on Sunday nights at Jose’s.  Don was able to share with the guys a little about our family, our love of soccer and a challenge to use the soccer gear as a way to reach out to kids in the surrounding villages with the gospel.  

Don and Isaiah both played with the guys and Isaiah almost died and went to heaven when he was asked by Jose to play on his team.  Isaiah was thoroughly impressed with Jose’s skills (we all were!) but what stood out most to Isaiah was Jose’s love of Jesus and his humbleness in his clear gift of soccer.  

James and Joy have offered to take some pictures of some of the soccer gear being used in the mountain villages.  Don and I have seen many times how relationships can be created and the gospel spread through soccer. We continue to pray that in this case.

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