November 19, 2012

23 Nov

We concluded our time with James and Joy at Outreach for World Hope (OWH) today.  We are grateful for their hospitality, guidance, information and new friendship.  We enjoyed hours of conversation on the culture, their vision, and on life in general.  

We were able to see firsthand the work OWH is doing in the Chiqeuemula region of Guatemala and see the daily living out of faith by James and Joy.  We experienced the distribution days that happen once a month that include a medical clinic, a Bible story and food distribution.  Our family served in the medical clinic, the games, the story and through nail polish, tattoos, and bouncy balls.  We each were able to share genuine joy at serving the people and heartfelt smiles.  We also saw the nutrition center that children that are in “code red” starvation are taken to.  One of the afternoons we vistited one of the mountain villages that OWH supports by giving chickens, vegetable plants, fruit trees and water purifiers.  It was great to see their ministry making a difference and providing a way for the local villagers to learn to plant, grow and care for their food supply.

I read “Tears Water the Seeds of Hope” by Kim Tews, the founder of OWH while we were volunteering with OWH.  It was interesting to read of the journey that The Lord led Kim and Randy to in starting OWH and how He can work through hearts that are ready to be used by Him…for such a time as this.  

We are thankful to see yet another place that God has called people to and to see His glory revealed by hearts that want to serve others to glorify our Father in Heaven.  

Now onto Honduras….

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