November 29, 2012

01 Dec

A rainforest would not be a rainforest without rain, right?  It rained yesterday…and when I say rain, I guess I mean it POURED!  We considered building an ark!

Don and Isaiah worked on building wooden shelving for the children’s homes.  They also are working on mixing cement (by hand!) for the corral for the cows.  They have a few projects planned for the next 3 weeks that will keep them good and busy.

They both are enjoying their time working with the Honduran guys around the property and getting some new skills with building and agriculture.

The girls and I played Legos and colored with the kids.  They are adorable and welcome all of our attention.  We have learned all their names and the girls have made new friends.  Lille and Eva have been great at engaging in their play and love being able to walk over to the children’s homes house and invite the kids to the park to play.

We are living at the volunteer house with 1 American guy, 2 Honduran girls, and 2 Honduran guys.  We are enjoying getting to know all of these young people and learning lots from them.  They have a great zest for life, the ministry here and for lots of hard work.  We also are loving their Honduran cooking!

One of the Honduran guys, Jose, just returned from La Ceiba where his sister had a baby. He had quite a story upon his return.  While at the hospital waiting to see the new baby, he overheard a doctor explaining to a father that his son needed more blood.  The father explained that he had no more money and pleaded with the doctor to help his son.  The doctor explained that he could do nothing without more money for a blood transfusion.  Shortly after, Jose went out to get food for his family.  On his way back to the hospital, he was jumped in an alley and robbed at knifepoint.  The robber asked for $30, nothing more.  Jose immediately recognized the robber as the father of the boy in the hospital.  Jose quickly handed over the $30, the man ran off and Jose returned to the hospital with food for his family.

They explained that it is not uncommon to get robbed at the hospital here in Honduras.  Many families arrive at the hospital with limited resources and little hope of care for their relative without money.

We continue to learn, listen and look forward to the next adventure!

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