December 1, 2012

02 Dec

It is Christmas season…hard to believe that it is that time of year!  As we looked at the calendar and realized what the date was, we all said that it is hard to think of Christmas when it is 85 degrees and green!  We will experience enough cold and snow when we get home.

On Friday nights, here at Give Hope 2 Kids, they host a youth night.  The youth from area villages are invited for a church service that includes worship, Bible teaching and fellowship.  This past Friday the second half of the movie “Fireproof” was shown.  There were about 80 youth from the surrounding area that attended.  It was a great to be a part of it.  Don and Isaiah enjoyed playing basketball afterward with many of the guys.

Saturday mornings are work days here, so Don and Isaiah continued the cement work on the cow corral.  Isaiah also helped to chase the pigs back into the pen and then feed the pigs.

Isaiah loves to be outside and this is his dream.  He often walks off the front step, grabs a rope and heads out to try to lasso sheep that are grazing on the property.  I have a few videos of his efforts that will get posted as soon as we can establish enough internet connection.  He was successful at lasso’ing one this morning and then was not quite sure what to do with it…he is providing humor to anyone watching.

On Saturday afternoon, our family picked up all the kids and walked up to the closest village for chips and soda.  It was a fun walk and a hit with the kids.  We then taught them to play “Sharks and Minnows” at the outdoor basketball court. The game was also a hit!

One of the activities that our kids have loved is swimming in the river that runs through the property.  The river has rocks and rapids and then pools at various points.  One of the points it pools is a great swimming hole.  We have enjoyed swimming there and took all the kids over there after the snack and game.  Keeping an eye on 20 kids swimming was a lesson in prayer.  It was definitely refreshing and fun!

We are continually thankful for the time we have to serve this ministry and to see our family bond together for a greater purpose.

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One response to “December 1, 2012

  1. Ellen Flottmeyer

    December 10, 2012 at 3:37 pm

    Hey Williams! We’ve been thinking and praying for you! Especially thinking of you guys during this Christmas season and thinking that your warmth sounds better than our snow!ha We can’t wait til you’re home and see all of the pictures and hear more stories in person. Amazing. Sending you some hugs from the Flottmeyers!


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