January 5, 2013

17 Jan

Today we celebrate Isaiah’s 13th birthday.  As I sit and think of his life I look back with tears in my eyes to the years that have already passed…how did the past 13 years go by so fast?!?  But I also look forward to the future with an anticipation and hope. 

13 years…kind of a surreal feeling to enter into parenting a teenager.  People keep asking if I’m nervous about the teenage years.  Honestly, I’m not nervous about parenting it, I’m nervous about how fast it is going to go and that in just a few short years, my role in the day to day life of Isaiah will be concluding.  Argh…that hurts my heart! 

Let me just reflect from a mother’s heart the kid I see in Isaiah.  He is fun and kind and full of adventure.  He loves the outdoors, loves to read and has an overall contentment with life that makes for an easy going kid.  He can hold a pleasant conversation, but doesn’t always have alot to say…but when you find the button on his current passion/interest (today it is snowboarding) the twinkle in his eyes sparks and you have hit the “jackpot” of conversation. 

In those deep brown eyes, he has a tenderness that I really can’t explain.  He loves Jesus and has an understanding of scripture, grace and salvation that are beyond his years.   

His love of adventure and exploring has set the stage for his passions and interests.  Hiking, snowboarding, setting up forts, and just exploring outside are some of his favorite pasttimes.  It almost seems like he was born in the wrong era…being a cowboy or rancher is his dream.   He has read every Louis L’Amour book ever written (and is now rereading them!).

So as I reflect on who Isaiah is, I pray about who he will become.  My prayer is that he will lead a life full of passion.  Not his passions, but his God-given love of life.  I know God has created him for a purpose.  I pray that we, as parents, will spur him on in finding his purpose and that God will plant deeply in his heart TRUTH.  I pray that Isaiah will strive for character (integrity, honesty, love, joy, contentment) above his accomplishments.  But most of all I pray that Isaiah would love the Lord his God with all of his heart, soul and mind and that he would continue to show that love to others.

I am so thankful for the kid Isaiah is and the man he is becoming.  Today we celebrate Isaiah and I am proud to call him:  friend and son. 

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