We are gearing up again…

28 Nov

I am sitting watching the Badger football game and just checked the temperature outside…16 degrees.  Burrrrrr!  I also have the weather app on my phone that helps us know how to pack:  Ecuador 63; Peru 70; Brazil 68; Chile 70.  That is much more my style.

So, we are off again on another Williams Family Adventure.  We will be traveling to South America for the next 4 months.  We depart December 9 and return April 9. 

Apart from the weather, we are excited about many other aspects of our upcoming trip.  We have had great communication with missionaries and ministries that we will be meeting up with and volunteering at throughout our journey.  Their information and hospitality has already been a blessing.  There will be plenty of opportunity for us to get to know a bunch of kids in various children’s homes and to do some soccer camps.  Don has already been in high demand for his handyman skills, and the girls are gearing up for painting nails.

We are in the midst of our final planning, packing, and farewells.  We appreciate your prayers and we tackle all these things.  None are easy, but will be worth it as embark on this adventure.

Be sure to check out the South America 2013 tab at the top of the page to get an overview of our plans.  AND be sure to sign up for our blog to follow our adventures.

  We appreciate the encouragement, support, prayers and friendship.

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