South America 2013

30 Nov

The Williams Family is heading to South America from December 9-April 9.  Why?  Read on…
After our trip to Central America last year, we came home with a different view of poverty.  Poverty is rarely a choice someone makes.  We met some amazing people that live in extreme poverty.  These families had hearts of gold and a willingness to work hard.  All they needed was an opportunity to change their circumstances.  
We came home committed to figuring out a way to help.  We looked at clean water projects, education plans, etc.  But really what helps someone get out of poverty?  Income.  These people needed a consistent way to make money.  
After lots of research and communication with those that work in extreme poverty throughout the world, we launched a non-profit called The Yada Project.  The Yada Project is a fair-trade store that partners with artisans throughout the world to help them get their products to a larger market.  Many fair-trade stores will only partner with artisans that can fulfill large orders.  We are working with “the little guys”, women or families, that need a consistent market, but can only fulfill smaller orders. 
Our goal in South America will be to build relationships with these artisans, bring back a lot of great products and to share the stories of people throughout the world.  We will also be volunteering throughout Ecuador, Peru, Brazil and Chile in various orphanages and children’s homes. 


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  1. Glenn n Sally Bremer

    December 4, 2013 at 7:08 am

    Catching your heart thru your blogs!
    Love your thoughts about Isaiah when he turned13:)!


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