We made it!

10 Dec

We arrived late last night into Quito, Ecuador. It was a good day of traveling:  a prayer filled send off with friends and family, easy connections through airports and surviving customs.  We all slept really well last night!  

Quito is at an elevation of 9500 feet.  It has been recommend that we take a day or two to acclimate and adjust to the elevation.  So far none of us have had any symptoms, but we may feel it over the next few days until we adjust.  

We enjoyed breakfast this morning with a family from the Netherlands that are serving here in Ecuador doing community development. After breakfast we braved public transportation to get to a grocery store, find a cell phone, and explore more of the city. I don’t know if you have ever been on public transportation in a Latin American country before, so let me describe it for you. Imagine a bus that has seats for 30 and you figure about 20 more can stand and hold on. That would be a full bus, right?. The bus we got on today had about 3,000 people on it. Ok, slight exaggeration, but it had to be close!  Seriously.  Even a sardine would find it too close for comfort. It was a great  learning experience and since it didn’t kill us, we took it back to our guest house.  

We are enjoying the evening playing games, talking with the family from the Netherlands, and eating fresh mangoes. 

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One response to “We made it!

  1. Shirley Diederich

    December 12, 2013 at 10:04 pm

    ….. and so the adventure begins. I am so glad that we can share it with you in a small way as you blog your days.


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