A match made in Heaven…

13 Dec

We had the chance to meet with some great people last night!  Youth World, a ministry here in Quito, runs a variety of ministries to youth here in Quito.  One of their ministries is the Delhia House.  The Delhia House searches for girls that are at risk.  Many of the girls have been rescued from sex trafficking, most are young teenage moms.  The Delhia House gives them a home, counseling, an opportunity to go to school and a chance to learn a trade. The stories of girls being rehabilitated is amazing. And while the stories are amazing, the stories of what led these girls into being abandoned by their families and ending up on the street is sad. Youth World is working at ways to support youth and families to prevent the sad results of children living on the street. 

Esperanzart is a ministry that has come from The Delhia House. Esperanzart consists of the girls from the Delhia House learning a trade, how to make jewelry. (Esperanza is Spanish for hope, they added art at the end so it Loosely translates to:  Hope Art.). The jewelry is amazing. It is handcrafted by the girls and being sold to provide a future and a hope for these girls and their little ones. 

We just bought everything they have right now and put in an order for more to be arriving when we return in April.  This is truly what The Yada Project is seeking out. A way that we can come alongside a ministry to share their story, raise awareness and to find tangible ways to support them. 

We are excited to be partnering with them!  Watch for lots more stories in the next few weeks (and maybe a few pictures of the jewelry!).

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One response to “A match made in Heaven…

  1. Glenn n Sally Bremer

    December 13, 2013 at 2:43 pm

    How awesome is The Lord in starting the orchestrating of your trip:)!!
    Even your reading “Pearl in the Sand” awhile ago- isn’t that amazing.


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