Brazil update…

14 Jan

An update on our Brazilian visa saga:  We spent most of the day working on our visas for Brazil.  The hang up is that in addition to a pile of paperwork, new passport photos, our passports, and money; they also need a notarized copy of each of the kids birth certificates.  In an effort to pack as little as possible, we neglected to bring the birth certificates (and who would think you would need those if you had valid passports?!?).  We even had a friend looking in Madison through our packed boxes at home for the birth certificates (a HUGE thanks to Greg!).  Anyways, according to the Brazilian Embassy, we are not allowed in the country.

Our only hope is a meeting with the US Embassy tomorrow morning at 9 am.  We are hopeful that Brazil will still work out.  We are also fully relying on God’s direction for the remainder of our trip.  We have looked at a map and have a “Plan B” starting to form if need be.  We will keep you posted after our meeting tomorrow. 

 Another thing to pray for:  Donnie is needing to remove his stitches.  Luckily, Isaiah has given him a lot of practice with stitches (Isaiah has had at least 5 stitch injuries in his short life).  Since I am absolutely NO help with medical stuff, one of the kids is up to play nurse and will assist Don in this one. I will try to capture a few photos of this endeavor. 

One last thing…Lima has Starbucks!  We have had terrible coffee on this trip and I feel fully alive again after a great cup of strong coffee.  Praise God!  That is all.  Just rejoicing in the good stuff.  🙂





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