Argentina (March 2014)

04 Apr


One of our stops through Argentina has been visiting a great family that has a unique ministry.

First of all, their family invited us into their home without ever meeting us and knowing very little of why we were visiting. (What a sign that they have the gift of hospitality!) We had a blast getting to know their family, seeing the sights of northern Patagonia, and eating delicious food.


Their love of the outdoors (hiking, biking, climbing, kayaking, etc) and their love of Jesus is combined to have a hospitality house that reaches backpackers and travelers from all around the world.


The hospitality house is free to stay at and is run by donations from the travelers. During the day the travelers are invited to go climbing, hiking, kayaking or some other activity and each night the volunteers at the hospitality house serve dinner for the guests.

The message of God’s great love for us and the plan of salvation is shared with the guests as they experience authentic Christian community.

We had the chance to experience dinner at the hospitality house, climbing with other travelers, and saw firsthand how the gospel is going out to the world through the travelers who are coming thru.


We are grateful for the hospitality of our new friends and look forward to sharing the story of how God is at work in Argentina.

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