Settling in…

21 Apr

We have been home for just over a week and are right back into the swing of life.  We have had joyous reunions with friends and family.  We have “felt the love” and have been amazed at how many followed our trip via the blog.  One of the joys has been hearing people’s responses and questions regarding a particular blog. 

Some of my favorite comments from those reading our blog:

“Every time our family would read your blog, we would pull out a map of South America.  It was always a geography lesson on South America!”

“Did you know that Patagonia is a place and not just catalog?!?  I truly had no idea until I read your blog.”

“Reading of your adventures made my first world problems seem awfully small.  I needed that perspective.”

“I never knew Antarctica was so close to South America!  You really have to look at a globe to understand that.”

“So, how do I get to be part of The Yada Project?”


We have had a blast sharing stories of our trip and look forward to giving some more geography lessons and opportunities to join in the mission of The Yada Project….

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