What we are learning….

06 Jun

This has been quite a week.  We moved out of the townhouse we had been renting last Thursday (with the help of some great friends!).  We had made an offer on a house here in Madison the week before, but received a call early Friday morning that they had received 4 other offers and we had been outbid.  Huge bummer!  The news of our official homelessness sunk in over the weekend.  We were reminded of the verse “Do not fear for I am your God.  Do not dismay for I am with you.  I will uphold you with my mighty hand”  Isaiah 41:10. 

On Monday night Isaiah was injured in a soccer game.  We knew he was in a lot of pain, but figured some ice and ibuprofen would get him through the night.  Tuesday’s doctor’s appointment revealed an avulsion fracture.  Basically when the muscle tore away from the bone, it fractured the pelvic bone in the process.  Ouch.  We have spent the past few days researching recovery times, talking to doctors and gathering ideas to make summer less active and more creative. 

One of the things we have looked forward to most after our trip has been to be able to share some stories of people we met in South America.  We loved the opportunity to bridge our worlds…South America to Madison.  This has been something we have planned for and have looked forward to.  Our big presentation is this Sunday, June 8.  It has gotten the least amount of attention this week. 

I must be honest, yesterday was a rough day.  My heart was breaking for Isaiah as the reality of months of recovery started to hit.  I started to feel overwhelmed with the prospect of continuing the house search.  And I was disappointed that my time was being spent in a million other ways, but not being able to take the time to prepare for Sunday.  Not a stellar day.  But today was better.  Much better. 

I woke up thinking that this is faith.  This is where my walk has to match my talk.  I can say that I trust God in all circumstances, but this is the time that it is tested.  “Faith is the confidence in what we hope for and being assured of what we do not see.”  Hebrews 11:1

We still don’t have a house, Isaiah’s pelvis is still fractured and I still have not gotten through all our pictures for Sunday, BUT I am confident that we are learning to depend more on our “confidence in what we hope for and our assurance of what we do not see”…FAITH.



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