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05 Dec

I can give you a thousand reasons of why we haven’t blogged much in the past few months.  To be honest though, there are really only a few GOOD reasons.  One of those good reasons is that we have seen God at work in a really cool way and joined in it.

For the past 12 weeks, a group of Moms have taken lunch to our high school students.  The lunch is a homemade, free lunch and has a spiritual question or discussion starter each week.  We started the first week with 30 kids and it has grown to about 100.  The students invite their friends, pray at their lunch table and initiate the spiritual conversations.  We have been amazed at the growth, the openness of spiritual conversations and the enthusiasm in the students.

The lunch now has a name, “The Moms Lunches and Brunches”.  I must say, the 5 of us moms are loving it.  We are prayerful as we plan for the future and enjoying the moments with our kids and their friends.

Our goal with The Yada Project is to join in where God is at work and share the story.  This is a glimpse of God at work in Madison, Wisconsin.

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