One year ago…

16 Dec

A day in the life of the Williams family (flashback to) December 15, 2013:

We have been in Ecuador for 1 week and our culture shock is starting to wear off a bit.  We have enjoyed boatloads of fresh fruit and explored the bustling city of Quito.  We have just had our first meeting with an organization that rescues girls out of human trafficking and sells jewelry.  I still can remember the overwhelming feeling of joy, peace and awe in seeing God orchestrate that meeting.  The reassurance that we were following what God had planned for us to do and how it could impact lives around the globe was a confirmation of stepping into South America for 4 months with our family.

December 15, 2014:

I am sitting at our kitchen table with a steaming hot cup of coffee overlooking our peaceful backyard in Madison, Wisconsin.  A very different setting, but still the same feelings of joy, peace and awe of seeing God at work.  As we prepare for our first Christmas at home in a few years, we are fully enjoying the merriment of the season.  Isaiah is snowboarding, the girls have had a whole family of snowmen created in our backyard, Don and I have enjoyed evenings by the fireplace.

Our family has talked about “what we were doing 1 year ago” a few times this week.  The impact of living abroad for 4 months has changed our worldview.  Our heart for those around us has grown.  We also have stayed in touch with many that we met on our trip.  The reality of it being a small world is evident as we look through our daily emails from around the world.  I love it.  My heart feel tugged in about a million different directions, but I also see the importance of just loving the ones that God has placed in your path that day.

As Christmas approaches and we celebrate God sending His Son, Jesus, to live among us we are reminded of the verse in Matthew 1:23 “His name will be Emmanuel, meaning God with us.”  From Honduras to Guatemala to Ecuador to Argentina to Wisconsin we have experienced the presence of God with us…Emmanuel.  Merry Christmas!

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One response to “One year ago…

  1. Glenn

    December 16, 2014 at 2:47 pm

    We are blessed to have you here for us. Thank you for your love n care n time n work n food n bed, etc😀!!!!

    Great expression of your hearts!

    We Love You🌷

    Sent from my iPhone



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