Another island adventure…

18 Feb

What is faster than walking, cheaper than renting a car and more dangerous than flying?  Mopeds. That’s right, our family has fully embraced Indonesian culture and rented 2 mopeds to travel through this leg of our journey. Now if we were fully immersed, we would rent one for our whole family but since we are still “Americanized” we rented 2. Donnie and the girls ride one (Eva riding in front of Don driving and Lille holding on tight in the back.). Isaiah and I drive the other one. I have successfully increased Isaiah’s prayer life!

Not only is there a ton of traffic, they also drive on the opposite side of the road. Isaiah has been an excellent backseat driver and continues to say, “Left side of the road, Mom!”  Do not be fooled by these photos, the driveway is the only “safe” place for us to get a picture.  What you don’t see is the traffic waiting to ensnare us!  We are enjoying the memories being made!IMG_7311IMG_7208
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One response to “Another island adventure…

  1. Glenn N Sally Bremer

    February 19, 2015 at 3:41 am

    Love the picture – a glimpse into your world!!! Thank you! Tell Isaiah they had Fri night at Tyrol on the news tonight. They were stressing how quick one can get frostbite: only an older couple there all night, no one else showed up cause of the extreme cold. He is not missing anything there! Anxious to hear about Philapines! Love you

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