A delicious stop in Indonesia

24 Feb

Where does the idea for business get started? Often it is through seeing a need. 12 years ago our friend visited a village in East Java and saw groves of mango trees and tons of ripe mangos rotting on the ground. As he talked with village leaders, they told him of the high unemployment in the village. This sparked an idea that has been developed over the past 10 years. Why not make use of the otherwise wasted mangos that grow naturally in the village and turn them into a product others want? Ta-da…a business is born.

With any business there are challenges, but what is being accomplished here in Indonesia is pretty awesome. There are relationships being built, disciples being made, examples of honesty and integrity being shown in business and a hope being restored.

The business here has shown their commitment to the community where they work. Relationships of trust are built on the foundation of that commitment and that has allowed them to live the gospel through example day after day. The conversations come naturally about purpose of life, spiritual beliefs, and who God is.

A highlight of the day was taste testing some experiments with other dried fruits. Our family loves to try new things…especially delicious experiments!

Don was able to visit a future sight for a processing center. The location is strategic as a training facility for villagers who work in production, and for ongoing product development.

We are excited to join in their work here by helping to eat, market and sell the dried mangos in the US. Yum!

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