Into Tent City

27 Feb

Kids international Ministries (KIM) is strategically located in Manila, and other communities in the Philippines.   KIM was started in 2005 after the Long family saw the overwhelming need to care for children in the Philippines. After being here for 4 days, their passion for ministering to children is evident. We cannot possibly cover all the ways they are involved in this community in one blog post, so we will share a few experiences we have had over the next few days.

Our first “assignment” on Monday morning was to a community located about 45 minutes outside of Manila. The government has relocated a community to the outskirts of town to allow for a large office building to be built where this community of 1500 people had been living.  Their new home is called “Tent City”. The community is made up of families that are living on less than $2 a day.  As we pulled off the road and onto the dusty dirt road, children from shacks and make-shift homes came piling out with their metal cups and bowls knowing what we were there for. Within minutes hundreds of kids were lined up behind the car.  As volunteers scooped in the cups Mercy Meal, a bag of enriched rice cereal that is combined with vegetable broth and made into a soup, we played hopscotch and talked with the kids.

It was a humbling experience. Seeing again the reality of poverty, hunger and despair never gets easier. It takes your breath away and I find myself trying to “fix” or make sense of it. There are no real answers and no easy solution. But KIM building relationships and showing up week after week is helping. Absolutely helping!  The feedings have allowed KIM to see other needs within the communities around them. Being in the communities every week have allowed them to identify and address more specific needs.  They have been able to rescue children out of the most pressing situations of abuse, provide for medical care, build schools, open a dental clinic, and start pre-natal care.  Those are actually just a few of the ways KIM is involved in the community.  They are feeding the masses of Biblical proportions…IMG_7556IMG_7568IMG_7495IMG_7475IMG_7398

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