Reduce, reuse, recycle and REDEEM

04 Mar
Flour sack ministry:

Pruiba-provisions. Pruiba is the filipino word for “proof, or proving”.

Many years ago Vince and Lori had a steady stream of people asking for work and/or money for their family. Lori started to pray for a way to provide an opportunity for these people to find work. Fast forward through many pieces of a puzzle coming together and Pruiba-Provisions has been established.


Pruiba-provisions takes discarded flour sacks used in the Philippines and creates aprons, purses, messenger bags, etc. It has now given opportunities for many families to provide food, shelter and a livelihood.

We had dinner with 4 families that are key to making Pruiba-Provisons a success. We met Norma, the sweet older lady that sews day after day to keep food on the table for her family. One look into Norma’s beautiful brown eyes and we were committed to marketing flour sack products in the US.


Last year the Philippines was hit hard by Typhoon Yolanda. Yolanda wiped out some islands south of Manila almost completely. Rene plays a key role in Pruiba provisions. His house was destroyed along with the loss of all his family’s belongings. Because of a steady income through Pruiba provisions, and the relief gifts from churches, they were able to get back on their feet.

Rene and his family lost everything in the typhoon. Through the relationship already established, the work through Pruiba Provisions allowed Rene to rebuild his house for his family.

The Yada Project has partnered with Pruiba-Provisions to expand the market to the United States. Watch for their products to be featured on The Yada Project website!

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