Everything is made beautiful in its time…

10 Mar


There are 5 countries known throughout the world with the highest rates of girls enslaved in sex-trafficking. The Philippines is one of those 5 countries.

One of the branches of  Kids International Ministries is the Josie’s Angelz house (JAZ).  The JAZ house currently has 35 girls that have been rescued out of horrific circumstances and given hope. The JAZ house provides a home to help girls live in a safe environment; and also provides food, education, counseling, and Bible teaching.  The girls currently range in age from 12-16.

There are also more than 100 other “Angelz” in the nearby community that JAZ provides an education, food and bible studies each week for.

We met “Mary” one of the JAZ girls and she shared her testimony. As a young child her father would use a hammer to punish she and her siblings. She explained that because of the constant fear of  physical, verbal and sexual abuse, she was not able to concentrate at school and eventually gave up on attending school. 2 years ago she was found by the JAZ house and welcomed in.  Through the love and support shown to her, she has found healing through Jesus Christ and is studying to be a social worker to help others.

On one of the walls at the JAZ house the verse “Everything is made beautiful in its time.” Ecclesiastes 1:8 is painted.  The girls here are being taught the beauty they possess and the great  love of Jesus.

We had the opportunity to visit the JAZ home, Beth shared a devotional and then, in true Williams form, we treated the girls to milkshakes (we love ice cream!).  We had a great time getting to know the girls!  Laughing, talking and listening to their hopes for the future. We sat amongst girls that want to be a journalist, a lawyer, a spy, and a musician; as a few examples.  We saw healing starting to take place and fear being replaced with hope.

We are looking at ways The Yada Project can help with the education costs for these girls to achieve their dreams and for The Lord to use their suffering to produce hope for future generations at the JAZ home and their community.

The leadership at KIM is convinced that these girls can change the future. Through the holistic approach to healing, each of these girls shows the resolve to let their story bring glory to Gods kingdom. What Satan intended for evil, God is using for good!


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