The buzz word….

19 Mar

What is fair-trade?  It seems to be a word used often to describe everything from coffee to chocolate to jewelry.  Starbucks has it on their packaging and even packages in Walmart sport the phrase.  So what does it mean?

fair trade: trade in which fair prices are paid to producers in developing countries. (Google definition)

Visiting and experiencing life in 3rd world countries, we have seen the evils that come from poverty.  True poverty affects families in all aspects of their life (emotional, spiritual, physical, mental).  After seeing the despair that is rooted in poverty, we felt overwhelmed.  We saw children hungry, sewage running through the floor of shacks, and education being a luxury that most in 3rd world countries cannot afford.  We left Central America 3 years ago with a desire to help, but not knowing how.  We saw the need and have pursued ways to provide some relief.  We have not found a solution to poverty, but we have seen lives changed one by one.

Instead of focusing on aid, we found value in opening doors for trade.  We know that poverty is a complex issue, but we also have seen HOPE born through some simple opportunities given.

fair trade:  a partnership to bring hope and provide an opportunity to make a living wage (The Yada Project definition)

The Yada Project found 5 groups to partner with in Southeast Asia. We look forward to introducing these products at our upcoming events and getting them on The Yada Project website.  In upcoming blogs, we will  introduce you to the artisans that we have partnered with and how your purchases can help change the future of these families.

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