Isaiah’s perspective…

30 Mar

Don and I have felt the Lord leading us…but not only us…our family.  We have continually prayed that our kids would see how God is at work and be willing to engage in His mission in the world.  We see distinct giftings in our kids that contribute to our family’s missions trips.  Each of the 5 of us brings a different perspective, and factor in making it a success.  We also love experiencing life together.  We encounter too many parts of life when we travel to not have the common bond of experiencing it together.

We want to give you perspectives from each of them.  In true Isaiah form, his perspective is short and to the point.  As we are preparing Isaiah for the next steps of life…how to choose a college, a profession, a mate, nah, maybe just a new surfboard…we are thankful for the opportunity to expose him to people throughout the world that love Jesus and want to use their gifts and abilities to glorify Him.  Here is a Q & A from Isaiah.  He has parts of the trip that he really enjoyed and some that he is still processing. Depending on the moment you catch him will depend on how in depth his answers will be.   He is always up for a few more questions from you though!

Did you enjoy the trip?  Yup.

What were a few highlights?  Surfing in Indonesia, flying with Eddie, spearfishing and snorkeling.

What is something you learned?  I learned how to spearfish, the rules of cock-fighting and that I like Indonesian food.


What was your least favorite time?  Nothing, I liked everything.  Actually, I didn’t really enjoy the country of Singapore.

What did you like eating the most?  Soto (Chicken soup) and fresh coconuts

Would you go back?  Yeah, for sure.


How did you see God work?  The difference buying stuff from people can make in their survival.  And how we found those people…it was pretty amazing.

What was your favorite way to volunteer?  Flying with Eddie.  You could see how that really helped people.


Do you have a different view of poverty?  Nope.  Everywhere we go we have seen poverty…it is always bad.


How do you contribute to our family’s missions trip?  By having a good time.  🙂  And carrying all the luggage.

If you could affect something or change something about where we have visited what would it be?  Eliminate mosquitos.  Somehow change poverty.


What interests you for the future?  Doing a trip that reaches the surfing community with the hope that Jesus brings.


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