Lille’s perspective

27 Apr

Hi, I am Lille.  I had a birthday on our trip and now I am 10 years old!  My Mom is asking me a few questions about our trip…
Did you enjoy the trip?  Yes.  It was really different than last year…but kinda the same, too.

What were a few of the highlights?  holding babies in the orphanage, meeting new friends (the College boys, the Doriot boys), playing with all the kids everywhere

What is something you learned?  That there is poverty when you don’t really expect it.  I saw poverty in the middle of big cities where there is nice big buildings. When you first arrive at a place, it looks nice but when you walk off the main street, you see lots of little shacks that people live in, there is garbage everywhere and everything is really dirty.  One of the places we went had a nice beach, but people didn’t have houses to live in…just shacks.   It also seemed that people in poverty are pretty happy to receive anything you share with them.  They aren’t picky and they are really kind.  They are willing to share whatever they have with you, even if they don’t have much…it makes you want to share a lot with them.

What was the hardest thing?    Wanting to help everyone but knowing you really couldn’t.  We met this boy, Jason, and his sisters on the street.  They were trying to sell little bracelets and stuff.  We really liked them and read Bible stories with them when they hung around with us, but I don’t think we will ever see them again.  That is kinda hard…what if they don’t have enough food?  Or what if another typhoon hits their island?  I guess not knowing what is going to happen to people you met is difficult.

What surprised you?  The kids were so happy even when they didn’t have much.  They thought of their family…like some boys we were eating with stopped eating their dinner and saved it to take home to their family.  When we asked if they weren’t hungry, they said they were taking the rest of their food home since the rest of their family probably didn’t have any food to eat that night.  And that they will eat things that are nasty…like dogs and cats…just to survive.

How did you see God at work?  The JAZ house saved some of the girls from really bad stuff.  The girls we met there saw that people really cared about them and that showed that God cared about them too.  That probably changed their view of how God loves them…through people just taking care of them.  I think that is what God wants us to do.  Show people we care about them so that they know they aren’t forgotten by God.

If you could help anyone you met there, how would you do it?  We met some kids on an island.  I would like to go back and buy more of their bracelets and make sure they have enough to eat.

What was your favorite meal?  Soto. The Indonesian chicken soup.

What did you miss most from home?  Culvers and my Grandma and Grandpa.

Where do you want to go next?  A waterpark in Wisconsin Dells.

What will you remember most?  Holding a baby in the orphanage.  He was super cute, but had cigarette burns all over his back.  My Mom said we didn’t need to know the whole story, just that Jesus loves him and that we can hold him and show him love.  I wish I could’ve brought him home!


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  1. jeanette Everson

    April 27, 2015 at 10:41 pm

    Thanks for doing this! Really fun to hear Lille’s perspective.


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