On wings of eagles…or turkeys

16 Jan


I wish you could have joined us in all the conversations we have had for the past 6 months regarding our travel plans for this year.  It would give you so much more insight into our prayers, plans, uncertainties, trusting, discussing and finally deciding.  This year was unique in that it just wasn’t clear until recently.  We had been in conversation with friends working in Africa, but the timing was off in our visit.  We had been in conversation with a ministry in Central America, but the timing was off there, too.  So we were left with a map of the world and prayer.  We considered this being a year to stay home and work on the stateside development of The Yada Project.  And truly, that would have been fine.  And then we prayed some more…and talked…and prayed.  Through ALOT of details that I won’t go into, we are going back to Indonesia.  Yes, not really what we had planned, but something we are getting more excited about.
We will be sharing more details of our trip in upcoming posts, but we wanted to keep people up to date on our plans.  We will be traveling in late February.  We have contacts from our previous trip and lots of connections are being made that truly can only come from God.  It is pretty cool to see the way the Lord leads you and once you take that giant leap of faith, He provides so many confirmations that it is humbling to think how much you questioned the decision to follow His lead.
Have you ever seen a turkey fly?  They do fly, but it isn’t pretty.  There is nothing graceful or smooth about an airborne turkey.  They just kinda flap their wings and go.  It looks like they are struggling to stay in the air and yet, they do it.  I would draw that imagery to our faith the past few weeks.  We see where God is leading, and we are willing to fly there, but our faith looks more like that of a turkey than of an eagle.  Nothing pretty, graceful or smooth.  Willing, though.  And our prayer is that through that willingness God will be faithful in us arriving at our destination.


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