It takes a village…

18 Feb

You know the main characters: Don, Beth, Isaiah, Lille, Eva.

But it is never about the main characters. In any story, the people that make up the whole picture add a richness and depth beyond the main characters. Having others invested, sincere in their desire to be part of the story, is humbling. It is also thrilling to see that through the efforts of MANY, God is accomplishing His plan. When you think of all of us as the Body of Christ, each using their gifts, it sums what we are seeing. It is pretty awesome.

I would love to tell you about all the characters in this story, but I don’t think I even know all of them. The woman who receives our blog that I have never met, but prays for us daily. The gentleman that heard about the need for Bibles in Indonesia and wrote a check to cover some of the cost. The little girl that wanted to shovel snow to make $11 for the Bible donation. The guys who are helping with The Yada Project website, the families that commit to praying for our kids each day, the friends that have given financially…everyone using their gifts for His purpose.

I want to share with you about some small in stature, but HUGE in faith, people in our story this past week. Our church’s kids program is raising money for Bibles in Indonesia to send with us. The kids (grade K-5) have heard of the need for Bibles and are trying to raise enough money for 40 Bibles. As the kids learn more about the need, their excitement to be part of buying Bibles is growing. They are asking for jobs around the house, collecting money from couch cushions, and saving up their allowance. Watching 200 kids be super excited about sharing the Word of God…wow…pure joy. But then it gets bettter. A family heard of the Bible fund and is doing a matching gift. The kids now have a challenge and are seeing their efforts doubled. Beyond the awesomeness of this for these kids, it is amazing to see how it is encouraging our girls. Their “church” is excited for where they are going, what they are doing, and how they can be involved in it. Our kids are seeing the richness of inviting others to be part of the Greater Mission.

Last week God reminded me to “Fear Not, for I am with you…”. This week I am reminded of all the others that are part of this story. Thanks for joining with us in the journey! God shows His love for us all over the place…

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