First day in Bali

27 Feb

After our minor moped incident, we headed to a ministry in the heart of the city. (I will be vague on purpose about specifics regarding our contacts.). We had the chance to meet with a whole team of people from 6 different countries working here in Bali. The organization started 10 years ago with 6 people, 3 years ago they had 15 people, today they have 60 people serving the island of Bali. The age range of the current group is 1-78 years.

They have seen the openness of the government open up a bit and have moved into 3 areas of ministry.
1. Evangelism
2. Church planting
3. Mercy ministries

We will be serving with them in their mercy ministries while we are here. One of the activities we will serve in is an after school tutoring and soccer ministry that they do in an impoverished community 3 days a week.

It is cool to see how they unite the gifts of their volunteers stretching the gap of generations, cultural differences and various nationalities.



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