Seeing hope…

01 Mar

Apart from moped “situations” and menacing monkeys, what else have we been up to?

We had the chance to visit an organization that is working all throughout the island doing evangelism and mercy ministries. We will spend an afternoon with them this week playing soccer at their after school program.

We met with the director of an orphanage and toured their children’s homes. Through our meeting, we heard of the many other ways they are caring for children and women in Bali. We will spend a day this week visiting their other locations and seeing firsthand how they are ministering.

We worshipped at a church plant here on the island on Sunday. We will meet with their pastors this week to hear of how God is at work in the local church here in Bali.

We had dinner with a missionary friend we visited last year and his heart for the Indonesian people.

We visited a cafe that supports a free community clinic. They serve over 30,000 people every year providing free healthcare to locals. We met with the founder of the organization and heard his vision of providing more services to children and families.

We are information gathering, joining in the work that is happening here and seeing how we can use our gifts, resources and connections to help advance the Gospel. We want to hear what is working, where the struggle is and what the vision is.

The daily life of many Indonesians is hard. Poverty is overwhelming. Clean water, having enough food, drugs, sex trafficking…those issues are everywhere we look. It sucks. It is hard and we each have had our heart pulled seeing the depravity around us.

We offer no easy solutions, but have seen the difference it can make to listen, learn and have a genuine interest. We have seen a variety of ministries addressing issues and bringing HOPE to a culture.

“You promised to give me strength; don’t let me be disappointed in my hope.” Psalm 119:116

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