Caring for widows and orphans

03 Mar

As we have seen through our travels and visits to children’s homes and orphanages throughout the world, caring for children is essential. Providing a safe place that children can have a sense of belonging, given an education and shown the love of Jesus is not only essential, it is what Jesus said is “true religion”.

One of the realizations is that most of the children in children’s homes are not actually orphans.  They have a mother or family member, but for various reasons they are not able or willing to keep care of the child.  We have seen this to be true in Honduras, Peru, Philippines, etc.  In each of these locations, the next step is being taken to care for families BEFORE they are unable to keep their child.  The same is true in Indonesia.

This past week we visited a children’s home here in Indonesia.  They currently have 42 children living at their home.  It is nestled in on a hillside jungle.  As we toured, the sound of laughter, English lessons, and soccer balls hitting walls filled the place.  Our continued conversations with the director  led to same conclusion…the lives of those 42 children are being changed, and that is awesome, but what about the other 1000’s living on the street?  Who cares for them?  That is the heart of this ministries next steps.

They have set up a home in the heart of the city that is open daily to children living on the street.  The Street Center has children from ages 2-16 come daily for meals, school and a safe place to rest and call “home”.  Hanging out and playing with the kids there, I am reminded that “true religion” is pretty fun!


The other aspect is caring for the women. Women are not highly valued in this culture.  As a woman, your ability to get a job and care for your family is hard. The daily wage for most women is less than $3 a day.  Even if the desire to care for your children is there, the reality is that economically it is almost impossible to break the cycle of poverty.

This organization has set up a Woman’s Workshop at the Street Center where mothers can come to learn a skill and bring their children.  While we were there we met a few of the moms and talked about some skills they have and what they are interested in learning.

Hello,Yada Project!  This.  This is exactly what we want to invest our time and resources to.  We don’t have a cure for poverty, but when you see something that is working to bring about change, purpose and dignity we want to help.  Our best way to get involved is to work with the Woman’s Workshop to produce a product that will sell.  We will be back there over the next 2 weeks to start the process of partenership with The Yada Project.




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2 responses to “Caring for widows and orphans

  1. Glenn

    March 3, 2016 at 3:22 am

    I am living vicariously through you. Loving orphans has always been a passion ofine😊. Thanks for the info to keep praying!

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  2. Lori Oehlhof

    March 3, 2016 at 3:17 pm

    Praise God by serving him —loving the children and widows! So simple! Love preserving the family so there will be less orphans. Thanks for sharing your journey with us. Praying for the lives you touch.


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