Welcome interns!

22 Mar


I live in the moment and rarely remember to take pictures. Our travel photos are often comprised of 1 outfit in photos from 1 day of our one month trip. I count on our memories instead of photos. That is fine for family vacations, but really to capture what The Yada Project is doing, we should document our travels better. So we invited a photographer and videographer, Sarah and Zac, to join us in Indonesia!
Sarah is a professional photographer with her own business in Madison (check out Sarah Monson Photography on Facebook!).  Zac is currently attending college, interning with The Yada Project and is a guru of social media. Sarah and Zac have both generously given their talents in support of The Yada Project and understand our mission and goals in raising awareness of how God is at work in the world.
They arrived in Bali ready to see some culture and to capture some of the partnerships The Yada Project was making. We had the chance to visit 3 orphanages and they attended the Bali Life Women’s Workshop with us. The videos/photos they got are amazing! They caught the life of everyday Balinese and how our family interacts with the locals. We are excited to share some of the sights they captured in their week with us.

They both jumped right into life with us and drove scooters, saw lots of monkeys,  ate durian (very smelly fruit!), and tried surfing.  They also played with the kids at the orphanages and met with numerous contacts for The Yada Project.

In the next few weeks we are hoping to have Zac and Sarah share their perspective of Bali and how The Yada Project is making a difference.


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