Home sweet Home…

17 Mar


We arrived back to winter in Wisconsin! From 90 degrees in the morning to a balmy 25 degrees in the evening. Ah…the adjustment of being home.

The feelings are familiar…the contented feeling of the comforts of home, a fleeting sense of guilt in having all those comforts, the sense of unfinished “business” in 3rd world countries, a confirmation of purpose with The Yada Project, and the angst of trying to communicate clearly all we saw and experienced.

We saw firsthand how God is at work in the Dominican. We saw ways we can work together with projects already started there and had a whole day of brainstorming with community leaders. We are excited about the ways we can participate in the next steps.

A huge praise…this is the first trip we took that no one got sick…praise God! Zeke was a rockstar traveler and these past 2 weeks gave us some quality time for our family to adjust to being 6 of us.

We learned Zeke likes Latin music…you know, the soothing sounds for a car ride. :). And speaking of a car ride, Don has a side of him that most have never seen. It is the aggressive Latino driving side. He has driven in all the countries we have visited. It takes nerves of steel and a willingness to be aggressive…very aggressive. He navigates the traffic, the “help” from his family, and the driving culture better than anyone else I know. When we say we have arrived “safe and sound” it is not said lightly. It is a miracle!

We are excited to share a few of our experiences and show off some products from our new partnerships. For now, we will eat a bowl of ice cream and enjoy a glass of tap water!

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