Botswana or bust…

05 Feb

Botswhata?  The Williams family is headed to Africa!  Here are a few of the details…

Who:  The whole Williams crew (Don, Beth, Isaiah (18), Lille (12), Eva (10), Zeke (1)

Where:  Botswana is a small country in the southern region of Africa.

When:  February 10-26, 2018

What:  The Yada Project has made a bunch of connections with artisans, churches and organizations working throughout Botswana that we will visit, volunteer, and partner with to provide a market for fair trade products.

Why:  Don and I decided years ago that a priority for our family was to support God’s work throughout the world.  It was important for us to include our kids, and to do more than send a check once a month to a missionary.  We wanted to be part of God’s work and to show our kids the importance of using the gifts God has given each of us.  For the past 7 years, we have traveled the world to encourage, volunteer and partner with missionaries and the work they are doing.  Just within our family, we have various gifts that are useful as we travel and minister to those on the front lines of the Kingdom.  We have seen awesome examples of people using their gifts for God’s work…hospitality, homes for orphans, fighting for justice for girls in sex trafficking, Bible translation, providing education, teaching life skills and the list goes on.  Our prayer is that our kids would see how we can know God, get a glimpse of what He created us for and live to make Him known.

pexels-photo.jpglion-wild-africa-african.jpgAs we prepare for another trip, our prayer is that we are a blessing to those we visit and that God will use our willing hearts to further His work in the world.


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