Over the river to find…

25 Feb

An engineer, a midwife, and a bookkeeper walk into Africa….sounds like the start of a joke right?

We experienced a few days of living amongst a group of people that live in Africa with the purpose of transforming lives in Jesus. Their base is in Zambia (where we stayed) and then groups are spread out throughout parts of Africa, Asia and South America.

Overland Mission has a clear vision, a strong purpose and deep passion to reach ALL people with the truth of who God is and the love of a savior. For more than 20 years, Overland has gone deep into rural areas of Africa to live amongst various tribal groups.

The people we met were amazing. A thousand different backgrounds and skills have come together to create a family of believers that work together to care for one another and the communities they live in.

The best part of visiting is to meet the missionaries, see their personalities and hear their stories. We heard a few stories of how they found Jesus, how they ended up in Africa and what they do now. I am always amazed at how the ordinary simple steps of faith have the power to make an extraordinary work of God.

Our kids jumped right into friendships with other kids and Isaiah met the kids on the soccer field for a bit of instruction and games. Don and I soaked in the laughter, inner workings and community at the base.

This stop was a highlight of our trip. Experiencing a taste of the work of God is humbling and inspiring. We look forward to seeing how God will continue to cross our path with Overland Mission.

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