22 Mar

25 years ago in Chicago 2 friends met playing college soccer. Gary and Don challenged each other on and off the field, with many a late night conversation about missions work around the world.
Tragedy hit the Williams family 15 years ago when Don’s dad was shot and killed in a home invasion. That same year, Gary and his wife Bonnie were working in Lebanon where she was tragically shot and killed while volunteering in a pregnancy center. Through both tragedies, Don and Gary reconnected and have seen each other a few times in the United States. 
Gary wrote a book “Total Surrender” about his road of grief, forgiveness and healing. It has impacted people throughout the world and Gary is a sought after speaker. 
Fast forward to present day and we detoured to Germany to visit Gary and his family. Gary and Helena welcomed us into their home and their kids became quick friends with ours. Our worlds merged for a few days as we talked about God’s mission for each of us.
Gary has served with Operation Mobilization (OM) in various roles. He has worked on the Mercy Ships; coordinated Transform, a large mission conference in Europe; and is currently in a strategic role helping to fundraise and recruit people to minister in various parts of the world. Helena has returned to the country she grew up in with a love and understanding of the German people and culture.
We soaked in stories of youth committing their life for the sake of the gospel; for business men who fund Bible distribution in war torn parts of the world; about underground churches being planted by local believers in parts of the world that you wouldn’t believe. 
And we talked about living for Jesus in the daily-ness of life. God is absolutely at work in the world and Gary sees firsthand much of that. But God is also at work through the normal school activities, community events and family functions. Helena shared the beautiful friendships that they are surrounded by and how God continues to show His great love for the people around them. 

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