Crazy connections…

23 Mar

It truly is a small world and I continue to be amazed at how connections we have made follow throughout the globe. 

We were in Ecuador 6 years ago. All of our contacts that we had made before our trip had fallen through and we prayed for God to open a door for The Yada Project. 

The next day we got an email from a contact that had fallen through that said, “Sorry I am out of town, but I think you should talk to Dana.” We not only talked to Dana but became fast friends with her and her husband and have continued to stay in touch (even with a visit from them to Madison!). They are now working with refugees in the Middle East. Through Dana we met Desi and Miguel. 
Years before, Miguel was born in Ecuador, lived on the street and was taken in by the organization that Dana worked with. Miguel has grown to be a great man of faith with a huge heart for the down and ou kids. 
Desi was born in Netherlands, studied social work and went to Ecuador to work with girls on the street. 
When we met Desi and Miguel in Ecuador, they had just gotten married and were volunteering with Espiranzart (where Yada partners for jewelry). 
Fast forward to 2019…Knowing Desi worked with organizations in Netherlands, we jotted them an email before our trip. And lo and behold…guess who is living in Belgium?!? Miguel, Desi and their 3 kids. Miguel is going to Bible school and Desi is volunteering as a social worker. 
We had dinner together and talked freely about joining in how God is at work in Belgium. They have a heart for the people to hear Truth and experience with issues on the street. Their charisma is electrifying and their love of people is contagious. 
I cant wait to see where we may all meet next!  

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