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26 Mar

Yada:The Hebrew word rendered “know” is yada. When used in reference to a person, it denotes a personal, experiential knowledge, not mere recognition. Our knowledge of God should be personal and experiential, not merely theological.  
That is also how we feel about the people we have met. We cannot simply know that human trafficking exists and recognize faces affected by it. We need to jump in and “Yada”…know them through personal and experiential relationship. 
Belgium is currently known as being the most unreached in Europe with the gospel. Due to influx from other countries and a mindset that dismisses a need for God, Belgium has continued to have a dark spiritual feel. 
Amsterdam is known worldwide for legalizing sex and drugs. And not only legalizing it, but flaunting it. 
Germany has had an economic boom that has led people to believe there is no need for God. It is the youth that are feeling the effects and searching for meaning. 
Throughout our travels this past week, we got a glimpse into very dark places in Europe but even more, we met people who are bringing the Light. “The darkness cannot extinguish the light”. 
We have met new people, reconnected with others and had our eyes (and hearts!) opened to see God at work. 

We see how God has moved people to step into a role of living their faith in the face of spiritual darkness and what looks like insurmountable evils. And as they talk about what God is doing and how they see him working, our own faith is stirred. God works through them as they walk with him by faith day by day. And he is able to do the same in each one of us as we walk with him.
We cannot leave unchanged…when God stirs your heart for Justice I believe it requires action. 
Typically The Yada Project has partnered with organizations to buy their product and provide a means for work that brings dignity and freedom from poverty. This years partnerships are looking different. We will not have a product, but definitely ways to get involved. Stay tuned…
“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never again say that you did not know.” William Wilberforce 

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