Amsterdam and Belgium 2020

21 Feb
*This was supposed to be sent out before our trip, but it never posted. Read about our trip and read the follow-up coming out this weekend.  🙂
This year our Yada Project trip is looking a little different.  Instead of the Williams family serving together, Beth (and Lille and Eva) will be leading a group to Europe with connections we made last year.  (Isaiah is currently at an internship in Hawaii and Don and Zeke will be meeting Beth and the girls at the end of the week.)
Our group will be hosting events in Amsterdam and Belgium February 1-8.  The connections we made last year have proven to be a great opportunity to bless teams working there and women working the Red Light districts in Europe.
We are excited to see how God will work through our team and time there!  For most, this is the first time to Amsterdam and Belgium.  Within beautiful cities and canals, lie oppressive streets that strip women of dignity and respect.  We are aware of the many issues that surround prostitution, sex trafficking and drug abuse, but we cannot even begin to solve those issues.  We believe that bringing light to the dark can happen with a kind word, sincere smile, and the giving of our time.  Our simple efforts may not change issues but they will let a light shine in a dark place.
As part of our preparation, we are hosting a few events in Madison.  It has given us some good practice in what we will need, how to set-up, and spreading the word about our trip.
See below for the invitation we have sent out for High Tea in Madison…
 High Tea is known as an affair for royalty; taking the everyday of afternoon tea and elevating it. Our group of ladies will be crossing the ocean to offer this experience to ladies working in the Red Light districts in Amsterdam and Belgium. We have invited them to join us for an afternoon of High Tea and pampering. The day will provide an extravagant event for the ladies and will give us an opportunity to share the extravagant grace and love that Jesus shows each of us!
We are working closely with two organizations that have established relationships with ladies and reach out to them to offer childcare, job training, Bible studies, counseling, and life skills. We will be volunteering with them to help as much as we can and will also be hosting a “High Tea Pamper Day” at each location. Our special event will create a new avenue for these organizations to reach the ladies with the love of Jesus and the hope that He brings.
The color purple represents HOPE and royalty. For many ladies, the loss of family, dignity, and self-respect has given them a future without hope. Although sex trafficking and prostituition are an enormous problem, we pray that our actions will show LOVE, our words would offer HOPE, and our hearts would be filled with FAITH. With those three things, God can do something amazing!
Each lady that attends the “High Tea Pamper Day” will take home gifts created by us. Each bag will have the new “Yada Lovely Things” bath salts, body butter, and sugar scrub, along with a Bible and a devotional.
Our goal in hosting this event is to raise funds for our upcoming trip and gather prayer support! If you would like to be a part of this endeavor financially, you can make checks out to: “The Yada Project” or donate online at We also have put together gift sets that you can purchase featuring the new bath line. Thank you again for coming!
“These three things remain: faith, hope, and love. But the greatest of these is LOVE.”
– 1 Corinthians 13:14
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