Traveling in 2021…

17 Feb

The world is complicated right now…the feelings, the logistics, the needs, and the fear are tangible. Donnie and I have placed a high value for our family to see the world, see how God is at work in the world and how we can contribute to that work. Friendships have been made throughout the world and our contact with locals, and those working with locals, continue to develop long after we leave a country.

We have stayed up to date with many around the globe dealing with hardships due to the pandemic. Lockdowns wreaked havoc for work, lack of food, and an inability to get clean water. Not only are there issues with having work, but the long term ramifications on the emotional, spiritual and physical separation from others is difficult for many (including the USA!).

After much prayer and searching for opportunities, we made the decision to travel this year. Seeing the needs of on-the-ground support compelled us to take up the task of logistics and work with a few organizations in Nicaragua. So here we are…

Nicaragua is a 3rd world country in Central America. There has been political turmoil for many years and that has affected the social, safety and economic situation. The people are at the hands of bad leadership and the pandemic has only exasperated the issues. On top of those issues, there have been 3 major hurricanes to hit the southern coasts of Nicaragua in the past 6 months.

We talked with a sweet restaurant owner that had her restaurant boarded up due to hurricane damage. She explained the hardship due to lack of tourism and how she is just trying to survive. It is those casual conversations that have led us to opportunities to come along side. (And a bonus that Don knows a bit about construction!).

This week we are meeting with leaders that have built wells in the area and provide clean water. Their approach involves the locals in constructing wells and caring for the land around the wells to keep it sanitary. Our kids saw the local well in the village and the women filling with containers to carry back to their homes. Oh what we take for granted!

We are excited to see what we can get involved with and will keep you updated…

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