We made it!

19 Mar

Our adventure out of Nicaragua was successful!

Flying out of Nicaragua was an option…but a very expensive option. It was going to be our last resort since we had 7 of us traveling (our family and a friend of Isaiah’s along doing photography). The Covid test alone was $150p/p and there is only one airline flying in /out of Nicaragua so their tickets are more than $500p/p one way to Miami. You start to multiply all that by 7 and you search for other options!

The boat to Costa Rica was cancelled due to high winds. The boat guy’s response “it’s an incredible adventure, but we want to offer that, not a very uncomfortable and dangerous trip. The ocean is no joke.” I have a healthy respect for the ocean so we kept looking for options. (Costa Rica has their borders open if you fly or arrive by boat. You cannot walk or drive across from Nicaragua.)

Honduras has their borders open! We hired a driver from Nicaragua that took us to the border and we entered Honduras. We got 2 Covid tests (one antibody-the finger prick and one antigen test-the rapid nasal swab) at the border and continued on our adventure into Honduras. After a rental car, a few transport vans, a border crossing and a few Covid tests…we made it to a hotel and flew out to Miami on Tuesday. Unfortunately, we missed our last flight to Madison so enjoyed another warm evening in Miami and arrived home to a cold, rainy day in Madison on Wednesday.

Although a LONG journey home, we made a memory. We struggle to remember the easy journeys but the hard, painful or long journeys implant further in your mind.

Zeke was a traveling champ. When asked which Covid test he liked the best, he responded “I like the one where they just take my temperature (with the thermometer on your wrist)”. Yeah buddy, that is the best one! 😂

We made friends in Nicaragua. Not just traveling buddies, but actual friends that we will miss seeing. And there were more friends that we wanted to get to know better and spend more time with.

But for now, home is a good place to be. Finding joy and contentment on the beach in Nicaragua, at border crossings in Honduras or in the cold rain in Wisconsin is a choice. So joy in the journey and contentment it is…

The first Covid test at the border!
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