Central America: 2012

Hola Amigos! We’ve got plans and we want to share them with you!  The Williams family will be heading to Central America for 7 weeks (November 5-December 25).  We each will be using our gifts and talents to bring the light of Jesus to those serving there and to the people of Guatemala and Honduras.  We will be visiting 2 different organizations that both work in their local communities.  In Guatemala, we will be serving at Outreach for World Hope.  In Honduras, we will be serving with Give Hope 2 Kids.  Both of these organizations are Bible based and seek to work with the local people to bring hope and enrich the community. Don will serve as our built-in translator and will be serving the various missionaries we visit with his carpentry talents. Don, having grown up in Colombia, is well acquainted with the culture and has looked forward to getting back to a place he can use his many skills.  He also has his soccer gear ready to play!  Isaiah has been saving money all summer to buy a Go-Pro camera that will allow us to video some of our trip to give a more realistic view of where we are and what we are doing.  Isaiah has been trying his new camera on any adventure sport he can create in our backyard.  He is also super excited to play ALOT of soccer and hoping to learn a few soccer tricks! Isaiah is collecting used soccer equipment to take along to Honduras and Guatemala. Lille (our social butterfly) is just thrilled to meet a bunch of people she has never met before. Lille has also decided that she will go by her given name, Lilliana, because it sounds much more authentic.  🙂 She is collecting nail polish to take along to be able to paint her new friends nails and to tell them about Jesus.
Eva wants to hold babies at the orphanage.  She is quite concerned that they don’t have a mommy or daddy to tell them that God created them very special and that Jesus loves them.  She plans to whisper that in their ears while she holds them and has been practicing that on her dolls here at home.  Eva also wants the kids to experience one of her favorite things…press on tatoos.  She is collecting little tatoos that are easily applied with water and then wash off in a few days.  She is thrilled to be able to take something that she loves and she can show them.
And what about me?  What am I going to do on this missions trip?  Honestly, I don’t really know.  I love my family.  I love meeting new people.  I love an adventure. I love to travel. And I love Jesus. So, what we plan to do for these upcoming 7 weeks includes:  family, new people, adventure and travel and sharing Jesus.  So I guess I am just going to have a FANTASTIC time.
We are excited to embark on an adventure.  We are ready to experience a different culture, learn a new language, eat some different food and to serve as a family. But our main goal is to love.  Jesus said the greatest commandment is to “Love the Lord God with all your heart, soul and mind.  And to love your neighbor as yourself.”  What does that look like?  Well, we are taking a step out of our comfort zone and trusting that the God who loves us will give us compassion and love for people we have never met before.  We will trust and obey.
Want to hear more about it?  Check it out our website at:  Be sure to sign up for the blog that will share some of our experiences while we are gone.
High Point Church, our home church, has set up an account for our trip for anyone that would like to contribute financially.  Checks can be made out to High Point Church with “Honduras Mission”written on the memo line and can be returned to High Point (7702 Old Sauk Road, Madison WI 53717). Please do not put our name anywhere on the check- your donation is to High Point Church, not directly to us.  All donations are tax-deductible.
Adios amigos,
Don and Beth Williams

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