What’s next?


As Beth and I (throughout our marriage) have
talked about our roles in the Body of Christ and in a Kingdom sense, a few
passions have continued to surface.  We have a passion for God’s work in the
world through missions.  We have a passion to engage other believers in what God
is doing around the world.  We also have a passion to “bring to life” what
missionaries do and who they are.

God has begun to bring some possibilities into
focus for us to use these passions. We have increasingly looked for ways in
which we can be involved in these things.  The following is how we see God
moving us:


Going out as a family to visit missionaries in
the field
Encouraging them with our time and talents
while there
Focus on bringing their story of life and
ministry back to supporting churches
Serving as a “bridge” for building strong
relationships back home and partnerships in ministry (ie; short-term

We are excited for this idea to continue to
develop even as we begin to pursue it.  We have been talking with a number of missionaries and
many of our trusted friends and mentors and we continue to seek God and ask for
wise counsel and input on our plans.


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