12 Mar

Nicaragua is beautiful. We have had a chance to venture up a volcano, onto an island and into tide pools and waves. In the midst of exploring we are making connections. Zeke has been to a new friends birthday party, we have hosted dinner with new friends, Lille and Eva are helping out at a local restaurant, and Isaiah has tagged along on a few surf boats with some new friends.

Don’s Spanish skills are being put to good use and our Spanglish is improving a bit…but honestly my game of charades is fully bilingual at this point.

The commonality we have experienced is that it is rarely the place that draws us in but the people. Our time exploring and building relationships gets ideas flowing. We have spent time planning some future steps for connections in Nicaragua for The Yada Project. Bringing groups down, setting up ongoing partnerships for products and investing in those already working here. We have pages of notes on various ideas and those are just a few.
We have been here almost a month. We have found what we have been praying for…ways to get involved, encouragement for those already working here and plans for the future.
And now a funny thing…it is a little tricky getting out of Nicaragua. There are flights, but they are really expensive. So we are checking getting to Costa Rica by boat, to El Salvador by bus or by walking in to Honduras. We still have no set flight back to the US on Sunday…so if you are led to pray that would be great.

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